GROUP Bookings

Please read through our information below before making a booking.

  • Group Bookings are for 2 hrs.
  • All participants are required to arrive 20 min earlier before start time to allow for a harness and safety lesson.
  • No work boots or work shoes to be worn in our facility. Please leave these at home or in your car.
  • The best shoes to wear are joggers or sneakers. Hire shoes can be purchased on the day.
  • If your not wearing climbing shoes please make sure the shoes you are wearing are clean.
  • No non-participants (climbers, rope holders, organizers only)
  • Maximum of 2 children per 1 rope holder
  • Rope holders must be in High School or older.
  • Please be advised we DO NOT supply staff to hold ropes for climbers.
  • We require everyone to fill out a waiver and follow the current COVID regulations.

Prices for group bookings are subject to age, how many and frequency.

Please email your inquiry to [email protected]

What participants need to bring / wear:

  • Active wear
  • Enclosed shoes
  • Hair tied back
  • Waiver form must be completed prior to participating.

What we have:

  • A canteen where chips, lollies, ice-cream, drinks, and slushies can be purchased
  • Inside seated area
  • Bathrooms (wheelchair accessible)
  • Kitchenette


  • There are to be no electronics devices e.g. mobile phones, earphones, gaming devices in the climbing area. During the sessions, all devices must be left in participants’ bags or tables.
  • Pockets must be empty while climbing, medical devices are allowed.
  • Rope holders must be in High School or older and receive a safety lesson.

General information:

  • On arrival participants will be given a harness demonstration and assisted if need be.
  • All participants will be run through a safety lesson before they are allowed to start climbing.
  • If your group has a restriction on what they are allowed to purchase from the canteen please let the staff member know at the start of the session.
  • Unwell or injured participants that are unable to participate should stay at home.
  • We are a registered Covid Safe business, our Covid Safe Plan can be sent on request.

If you have any more questions, please call our helpful staff and they will answer any question you need to know.