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Birthday Parties

Please read  though our information below before making a booking.

Or call our help full staff and they will answer any question you need to know.

Have your next party with us at The Climbing Centre Penrith. Easy, no fuss and loads of fun!


  • The minimum cost for a party is $180
  • This is for up to 10 climbers then $18 per  additional climber
  • This includes harness hire and access to our facilities.
  • Maximum climbers per party is 25.
  • Party Bookings are for 2 hours.
  • Please arrive 20 minutes early to leave time for our staff to harness up the climbers and give a safety lesson

Note: Your booking allows your party 2 hours of  combined climbing and party time from your booked starting time. If you are late and start after your booked time we do not extend party times.

All climbing ceases at your finishing time and we will remove harnesses. We often have our party area’s booked one-time slot after another and so we will give you a 10 minute call to allow you sufficient time to pack up if need be.

So you are not rushed, we recommend packing up after your celebrations. This way you can enjoy the rest of the party.

  • We require a non-refundable deposit of $80 to secure your preferred booking time and date.
  • There is a $50 re-booking fee to change your date or time.
  • Please ensure your dates and times are correct prior to booking.
  • If you have any more questions, please call the centre on (02) 4731 1130.
  • You will need 1 rope holder for every 2 climbers.
  • Rope holders must be in High School or older.
  • Please be advised we DO NOT supply staff to hold ropes for climbers.

The party area includes  3 large tables with seating up to 36 peolpe  to set out your party and access to our kitchen – which has a microwave and fridge.

We do not have catering so, of course, you can bring your own cake , food and drinks, or you can:

  • Buy drinks & snacks here
  • Order pizza from a local pizza shop

Most local pizza franchises deliver to the centre.

We ask that all food & drink please remain on the tables provided

Please be advised that due to safety we do not allow birthday party sparklers/sparkle candles. Standard birthday candles are accepted.

We recommend you have your celebrations eg cake, presents, lunch etc half way through your 2 hours. This way everyone can finish off the party with climbing until your time is up.

For safety reasons and so you can start at your booked time, you and your guests will need to arrive no later and or no earlier than 20 minutes before your booked time.  This allows our staff to fit harnesses and most importantly give a SAFETY LESSON. If there are late arrivals they will have to wait until we are able fit harnesses and give another safety lesson.

If you do arrive earlier, there will be no space for you to setup as the first party will still be running. Please be patient as safety is our number one priority.

We are all about having fun and being safe. So please read our  Safety Sheet below.
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Party Invites
Download these free party invitations during your online booking to give out to your friends.

Rope holders must be in high school or older. You will need to make sure there are enough rope holders for your party. A ratio of 1 rope holder for  every 2 climbers is sufficient. 

The Climbing Centre does not supply staff to hold the ropes.

PLEASE NOTE: We provide a group safety lesson , please ensure all of your participants/guests are at the party on time. Holding the ropes is not a difficult job once you are shown how to do it.

  • For safety and security reasons, please keep the number of people attending the party who are not belaying to a minimum.
  • All climbers and belayers need to fill out the Party Waiver Form and this needs to be signed by a parent or guardian if a climber is under 16. Please save time by downloading and bringing the completed form in on the day.
  • Clothing: wear light comfortable clothing & closed shoes or joggers. We also have climbing shoes, in most sizes, for hire at a discounted price. Girls cannot wear skirts under any circumstances.
  • We also ask that you, please, do not give noisy blowers, clickers, party whistles or poppers etc as party gifts.
  • Please be advised that due to safety we do not allow birthday party sparklers/sparkle candles. Standard birthday candles are accepted.

Thank you and we will see you for your party soon!